Weitzel Banjo, around the world!

Here are some exciting end-of-year statistics about weitzelbanjo.com.  In my first year, with very little marketing or social networking done, this site has been viewed by people in 37 countries. Many of these countries surprise me, but there you are.  I’ve had email inquiries from a number of them, too – including Chile, Australia, Denmark, and, of course, the US. Here is the complete list of site views, listed most to fewest:

UnitedStates, Canada, UnitedKingdom, Australia, France, Japan, Germany, Slovakia, Netherlands, NewZealand, Ireland, CzechRepublic, Argentina, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Sweden, Russia, India, Austria, Switzerland, Ukraine, Portugal, HongKong, UnitedArabEmirates, Thailand, SouthAfrica, Pakistan, Italy, Tunisia, Norway, CostaRica, Belgium, Bolivia, Turkey, Greece, China.

In order to get more of these views and inquiries to turn into orders, I am soon launching a campaign which will allow me to sell my banjos less expensively. I will be raising money via Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site, for some new tooling and materials for a run of banjos, with a design based on the successes of my prototypes.  There will be an incredible selection of rewards for those who donate.  Check out my Facebook page (and like me, if you haven’t already!) to view the banjo playing card deck and updates on the campaign!