The Redbird Banjo is born!

Redbird-Inlay-top Redbird-pot-3-quarter-L Redbird-neck-carving

The Redbird banjo has flown into existence over this past week, and it is different from what I’ve done in many ways. It is a smaller, C-Scale instrument (same scale length as a baritone Ukulele, 19.5″) and it is my first banjo to be purely open-back. It features intricate inlays and neck and heel carving that accentuate one another. Like my banjolele, it also features a flared rim design, and like all of my banjos, it has an adjustable neck to rim connection.

It has a sweet tone that keeps me playing it, so I keep having a hard time handing it over to my son, whom it was built for! But he is enthusiastic about it now and I’m trying to teach him a few chords and a basic roll (otherwise known as everything I know!)

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