Stevie B

Bronze tone ring Mini-Resonator banjo

The Stevie B (named for its owner) is a unique combination of advanced banjo design. Its rim construction, which hearkens back to the depression era Weymann style, is flared from the 11″ head out to 12″ at the back.  That extra width allows for the tension screws to be concealed in the rim, making for an elegantly uninterupted exterior and added bass response. The “mini” resonator adds projection to the sound while keeping the slim profile of an open back banjo. The resonator can be adjusted from almost closed to a full inch from the rim to fine tune your sound.  As with most Weitzel banjos it also has an adjustable neck to rim connection allowing for easy adjustments in string action. The Schertler tuners add smooth and precise tuning in an elegantly designed pegbox that sits atop the strong and lightweight Port Orford cedar neck. A cast bronze tone ring gives it a full sound all the way up the neck, and all at a weight of 7lbs 13oz, almost unheard of in a banjo with both a cast tone ring and a resonator. Complete specifications below.



  • 5 strings
  • Tunelled fifth string
  • Port Orford Cedar neck
  • Ebony fretboard
  • 24 frets, EVO Gold wire
  • Non-radiused
  • Walnut binding with maple pinstripe
  • MOP fretboard inlays
  • Tuners – Schertler slot-head tuners
  • Neck to Rim connection: Adjustable
  • 26 3/16″ Scale length


  • Old growth maple, block construction.
  • Cast bronze no-hole unplated tone ring
  • Top adjusting brass stretcher bar
  • Flared design – 11″ head flared to 12″
  • Integral, hidden “shoes”


  • Quilted maple panel, 3/16″ x 12″, with structural reinforcement ring
  • 4 aperture adjustment screws


  • Bronze Tailpiece
  • Maple, walnut and ebony Armrest
  • Bridge – 6-10 design (6 Feet, 10 direct vibrational paths to the head)
  • Overall Weight: 7lbs 13oz, (3.54kg)