Sound tracks and a sneak peak at the new “Denuo” Model!

Yes, it is long overdue for this site, but I finally got around to getting some decent recordings to post on the site. Just head on over to the LISTEN! page. There are 7 tracks posted by the mulit-instrumentalist and songwriter Chico Schwall. As a bonus, not only can you hear tracks from the Accipio model, you also get a sneak peak at the sound of the Denuo model, which is so fresh that it was recorded before the instrument even got any finish on it. Yes, it may sound a bit different after finishing, so check back after it is completely done and photographed for the site, when I will have time to record it again (Chico has promised to come back over… He almost missed work last time because he kept wanting to play it.) Please check out Chico’s own website, too – it is well designed and entertaining. You can find him at

Speaking of the Denuo model, I should give you a bit of info on what to expect. This is a very light weight banjo, but only physically; its tone and volume is every bit a heavyweight. It features a Cocobolo tone ring and trim pieces (the density of that wood gives it every bit of the volume of a bronze ring, but weighing close to 3 pounds less). It has much more modern styling, with Gotoh “stealth” tuners and no-nonsense head shape. The neck and resonator back are made of Port Orford Cedar, an amazing local wood that is incredibly stiff, yet super light. The rim and resonator back are still maple, although with a block construction this time, for added rigidity, allowing me to completely eliminate the coordinator rods, again reducing unnecessary weight.  Not having those rods also allowed me to introduce my new favorite feature:  An adjustable neck-to-rim connection, that allows for super easy changing of the string action. Look for all of this and more in the upcoming weeks as this banjo readies itself for the website!