Sculptural Work

Jeff has had a successful career as a sculptor before realizing his passion for banjos and other instruments.

Here are some pictures from different public commissions he has done.

These are from the Moss Street Child Development Center at the University of Oregon. It is a series of 12 birds, a couple squirrels, some trout and wave and water forms installed throughout the facility.


This is from the Fire Station #1 in downtown Eugene, Oregon. It is a series of 9 cast bronze panels that flow around the exterior of the building.


This is a fun hand-washing station in front of the “Zoomazium” exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo, in Seattle, Washington.


This is a sculpture I made for the AAA Aquarium, a privately owned aquarium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  It is the “VIP” entrance, and is part of a larger mural by artist Tom Madison.


Here are some other random sculptures I’ve done, for private commissions or just for fun.