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Banjo Playing Cards –  FREE SHIPPING UNTIL 2020!


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These cards have been wildly popular and are now into their third printing! Now PRINTED IN THE USA! Also featuring a custom printed tuck box and an EXTRA CARD telling the story of the the banjo as told by the cards.

The cards tell a brief story of the banjo – its historical roots in Africa and the numerous styles that it has developed into.  Each suit is dedicated to a particular family of Banjo: Hearts shows the banjo predecessors – Gourd banjos from Africa and the early instruments that were brought by slaves to the United States.  Diamonds are the open back banjos used for old-time music usually played with claw-hammer/frailing styles. Clubs relate the various four string instruments that were very popular in the first half of the 20th century – plectrum, tenor and Irish tenor banjos, used in jazz and various folk styles.  Spades represent the 5 string resonator banjos that have become widely known for bluegrass music, but are used in many genres today.

Every card was hand designed by me, front and back. They are done in the tradition of a standard “Bicycle” style deck, in Poker size, with all of the intricacies you would expect, including one-eyed jacks, suicide kings and many other details that playing card aficionados will appreciate.

Each Deck is printed on casino quality heavy-weight linen card stock and come in custom printed tuck-box.


One Deck: $20


One Deck, hand-signed by Jeffrey Weitzel: $25




Three Decks, one signed: $55


If you love the artwork for these cards, there is no need to only look at it while playing cards! You can own prints, or even some of the original hand-drawn artwork. All prints and original art are hand signed. Prints are made on high quality acid-free paper. Frames are hand done by Jeffrey out of instrument quality wood (often from off-cuts from actual instrments) and include a mat and acrylic (Plexiglass).
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 Original Artwork, Framed: $300

Inquire about availability of the card you want before purchasing!
Actual Size of Framed Artwork is about 11″x14″


9″ x 12″ Print: $60

Of the Card of Your Choice



Framed 9″ x 12″ Print: $125

Of the Card of Your Choice
Actual Framed size is about 15″x18″



The Royal Line-Up Print 12″ x 16″: $70


The Royal Line-Up Framed 12″ x 16″: $150

Actual Framed size is about 19″x22″

The Royal Line-Up Print 18″ x 24″: $80


The Royal Line-Up Framed 18″ x 24″: $175

Actual Framed size is about 26″x31″


Wear it. Stick it. Etc.



 “I BANJO” Bumper Sticker: $5

11″x3″, Outdoor quality vinyl sticker


Weitzel Banjo Cap: $25

100% cotton twill with embroidered logo and velcro closure



Weitzel Banjo Shirt: $10

100% Cotton Heavy-weight shirt. Specify size S-XL