Northwest Handmade Instrument Exhibit in Review

Todays show was a successful event. I was able to turn many heads in my direction with banjos that have not been seen by many before.  It was also a great opportunity for networking between luthiers, players, suppliers and other builders and I made numerous contacts to all those ends, as well as having fun ogling at some truly incredible workmanship and trading pointers on building.  I wish I could have spent some time taking in the many performances that were done on these handmade instruments, but at least my family came along to take in that part and tell about the stellar musicians and the instruments they played. Here are a couple of shots from todays show.


Hinoki and myself at the table


The Eichler Banjo – just far enough along to get some strings on for the show!

There will be much more to say on the Eichler banjo as it gets finished up. Stay tuned for updates!