Here are a few recordngs done by Sean Shanahan of “Atomic Junkyard” and “Honey Buckit” fame, host of the best Bluegrass Jam in town, and with an extensive list of credits far easier to read on his own site. Visit him at

On the Denuo Banjo

Shenendoah Breakdown Blackberry BlossomWeeping Willow

On the Accipio Banjo

Shenendoah Valley Breakdown Banjo in the Hollow Home Sweet Home


Here area few recordings played by Chico Schwall. Chico is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who was quite smitten by both of these banjos. For more on Chico, check out his website


The Cuckoo, played fingerstyle Untitled, written by Chico Schwall, This version is played fingerstyle


Old Mother Flanagan,  played fingerstyle One of These Days, by Camper Van Beethoven, arranged by Chico, played fingerstyle