I did not write this myself!


I thought I would share an email that arrived yesterday regarding a banjo I recently built. I did not write this, nor did I even solicit the idea of writing a testimonial, but I couldn’t have written a more glowing review even if I tried! Thanks, Janice!

“Hi Jeffrey, I’ve been meaning to get back to you to let you know about the overwhelming response to my banjo.  My instructor, [well-known instructor with own signature model banjo for another banjo company], was very impressed with its “work of art” looks and incredible sound.  She played it for a bit and remarked about the ease of play and she especially loved the armrest/tailpiece design.  Yesterday was 3rd lesson with it and [Instructor] commented on how much more comfortable I seem with the banjo.

At the jam the banjo held its own and was a huge hit!  The sound was loud, punchy, and clear.  I’m still getting compliments about the design and sound almost a month later.

Jeffrey, I just want to thank you again for your outstanding craftsmanship.  I love every aspect of this banjo.  It’s light, comfortable, and sounds amazing.  I marvel at your ability to create my dream banjo from friendly conversation.  I am truly a Weitzel Banjo fan.

Best regards,

PS:  I’ll be attending Women’s Banjo Camp at the end of July.  If you get a chance, would mind sending me more business cards?”