Denuo Banjo

The Denuo (Latin for a Fresh Beginning, or a second time) Banjo is a modern styled banjo born of old-world craftmanship with a very light weight and a very big, bright sound. It features an adjustable resonator and top tensioning head, an adjustable neck connection for easy string action changes, no coordinator rods (they just aren’t needed), and a dense wooden tone ring (cocobolo and leopard wood have been used) for excellent tonal properties  and Port Orford Cedar neck and Resonator back  for light weight and strength.  This banjo really has to be held in your hands to appreciate the feel and volume that come from its light structure.  See Specs. below.

Denuo 2

This second version of the Denuo, a custom build, is a modified version of the first with mostly the same specs as below, but with the following differences – Leopard wood tone ring and details, ebony fretboard,  Schertler tuners, spikes in place of pop-up 5th string capos, amber finish and a weight of 6 lb 12oz.

Denuo 1


  • RIM:  Hard maple block construction, carefully constructed with quartersawn grain orientation.
  • RESONATOR: Solid Port Orford Cedar back with arched recurve. Sides are hard maple block construction to match rim.
  • RESONATOR/RIM CONNECTION: Weitzel Banjo Floating Resonator connection, for easy aperture adjustment.
  • NECK: Port Orford Cedar 2 piece construction, with center stripe of Cocobolo. 2-Way adjustable truss rod.
  • NECK/RIM CONNECTION: Fully adjustable height for easy adjustment of string action. Accessible from heel.
  • FRETBOARD:  22 frets. Hickory, with custom Mother of Pearl inlay. 26 3/16″ scale length.
  • 5th STRING:  Tunneled 5th string.  Integral 5th string capos at frets 6-17.  Capos sit flush with fretboard when not in use and pop up with a magnet when a capo change is needed.*
  • HEAD/TUNERS:  Lightweight modern design with open center for easy, no cover truss rod access. Super light Gotoh Stealth tuners.
  • BINDING: Cocobolo binding with red pinstripe purfling on neck, head, resonator and rim.
  • BRIDGE:  5/8″ Model 6-10 Bridge, 6 feet with 10 direct routes for vibrations between string and head (2 per string).  Gives even response accross strings and very bright, clear tone with increased volume. Compensated for correct intonation.
  • TAILPIECE: One piece bronze with compensated and adjustable down-pressure.
  • STRETCHER/SHOES: Solid Brass, with top head tension adjustment.
  • ARMREST: Hickory and Maple – attaches to stretcher band with two set screws.
  • OVERALL WEIGHT: 6lbs 7oz; 2.9kg