Crafted with select maple and hand fabricated stainless hardware, the Weitzel Banjolele is the perfect balance of the ukulele sound with banjo power. It features a unique flared rim design that enables hiding the tension screws internally, for a smooth look and playing comfort. Like all Weitzel banjos, it is also fully adjustable, with a sliding neck to rim connection for dialing in the perfect string action and adjustable spacing for the resonator.



  • 4 strings, tuned gCEA
  • Maple neck, no truss rod
  • Hickory fretboard
  • 18 frets, EVO Gold
  • Non-radiused
  • No neck binding
  • Abalone dots
  • Tuners – 4:1 Gotoh planetary-geared banjo uke tuner
  • Neck to Rim connection: Adjustable action


  • Old growth maple, block construction with curly maple outer layer
  • Flared from 8″ at head to 9.25″
  • No tone ring, maple bearing edge
  • Top adjusting stainless steel stretcher bar, 12 screws
  • Internal shoes with stainless screws


  • Curly maple
  • Adjustable through back of resonator


  • Stainless tailpiece
  • Bridge – 3 foot design with no direct path for string vibration to head
  • Curly maple arm-rest with screw access without removal