The Accipio

The Accipio (Latin for Undertake, or grasp) Banjo is the Original Weitzel Banjo prototype.  It is a versatile, powerful banjo that features a built in Capo system, an adjustable pop-off resonator, top adjusting head, cast bronze tone ring, and more. Its distinctive styling and clear tone lend itself as well to classical music as to classic bluegrass. More details can be seen on the Features and Materials pages.

Resonator Banjo

Open Back Banjo

Yes, this is the same banjo, but without the resonator.  Whether you are interested only in open back banjo’s or just want to take a closer look at the pot, take a look here.


  • RIM:  1/2″ Hard maple core with vertically oriented grain (head to back) overlaid with 1/8″ curly Oregon Maple inside and outside with horizontally oriented grain (around the circumference). See Open Back photos above for details.
  • RESONATOR: Solid Curly Oregon Maple back, hand carved arch with recurve for greater responsiveness. Sides are steam bent 1/4″ hard maple overlaid with 1/8″ curly Oregon Maple.
  • RESONATOR/RIM CONNECTION: Weitzel Banjo Floating Resonator connection, for easy aperture adjustment and quick removal.*
  • NECK: Curly Maple, one piece construction with 2-Way adjustable custom built truss rod.
  • FRETBOARD:  22 frets. Hickory, with custom Mother of Pearl inlay. 26 3/16″ scale length.
  • 5th STRING:  Strung to the head, to allow greater tuning flexibility.  Integral 5th string capo included at every fret.  Capos sit flush with fretboard when not in use and pop up with a magnet when a capo change is needed.*
  • HEAD/TUNERS:  Hand carved scroll head with 4:1 Planetary Violin style tuners.
  • BRIDGE:  5/8″ Violin style bridge with no direct line route for vibrations between string and head.  This gives a very even response for all strings. Compensated for correct intonation.
  • TAILPIECE: One piece bronze with compensated and adjustable down-pressure.
  • STRETCHER/SHOES: Solid Brass, with top head tension adjustment.
  • ARMREST: Hickory and Maple – attaches to stretcher band with two set screws.
  • OVERALL WEIGHT: 9lbs 14oz; 4.48kg

* The Floating Resonator Bracket and the Integral Capo system contain small rare earth magnets.  Please check with your physician if you rely on an ICD, pacemaker or similar device that these magnets can interfere with. Both features can be built without utilizing magnets as well – please ask.