Denuo Banjo is here!

Well, its finally done!  The Denuo Banjo (Denuo is Latin for “a Fresh Beginning”, or “a second time”) is Weitzel Banjo’s second attempt at creating what a modern banjo should be. I believe it has been very successful. This time, I’ve introduced an adjustable neck to rim connection and lowered the weight to an incredible 6lbs, 5oz! Any pickers with chronic back pain like myself will really be able to appreciate that weight. But it is certainly no lightweight when it comes to its sound.  It has a full, clear ring that is as loud or louder than any resonator banjo that I’ve heard. I’ll be getting some more recordings of it done in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

Oh, and one more thing. This banjo is for sale, so please contact me with any inquiries.  I would love to get this banjo out into the hands of a well deserving player.