Denuo 2


On this latest build I got a chance to modify and improve on the design of the Denuo. The customer loved the original, but I had some ideas in mind for how it could be better. I also did not have any more of the original cocobolo left, and stumbled upon some leopard wood, which had the perfect combination of density, strength and workability needed for a good tone ring. Oh, and it is stunning… So I also used it for the binding, head-stock, and armrest. I contrasted it with an ebony fret-board and simple inlays and finished it all off with a honey-amber finish that brought it all together without overpowering the woods natural color. The sound is what really impressed me though. It had a power beyond the original that I could not have foreseen. I’m not sure if it is the leopard wood, or if I’m just getting better at building! Probably a bit of both.

Full photos and details are on the Denuo page.