A Big Thank you to all of the Contributors!

As promised, part of everyone’s perks for contributing to Pickin’ Beyond Tradition was to receive a shout out on my Website (which will also be posted to Facebook). I find the list of names quite impressive, not just because there are 50 distinct people there (representing almost 100 separate contributions), but because I don’t know many of them – this isn’t just family and friends (although I certainly could not have done it without the family and friends!). This campaign has helped me beyond just earning funds to make more banjos, it has helped me spread the word far and wide about the next wave of innovative banjos! As a result, more doors have opened, and new friends and connections have been made. There were also another 18 contributors who wished to remain anonymous. Thank you to all!

Here is the list (in no particular order that I can figure out):

Jean E Jordan, Tyler Frank, Dorothy Brunsvold, Angie Boettner, Marcia Cottrill, LeRoy McCoy, Kate Ali, Mike Lawrence, Steven Brunsvold, Jerry Burgess, Rudy Brunsvold, Rebecca Legard, Claire Wagner, Dianne Weitzel, Sally Hines, Jane Scheidecker, Don Borchelt, Rob Legard, Paul Kosiewicz, Rich Peterson, Brian Gillogly, EllenTykeson and Ken Hiday, Jill Davidson, Ed Snyder, Buff Vaughan, Cindy Wilson, Kari Carlisle, Kim Legard, Dan O’Keefe, James Schroth, Alex Mallett, Andrea and Martin Campanella, Duncan Knarr, Gail Weller, Erik Weitzel, Joe Deetz, Cynthia Sayer, Mike Culbertson, John Halley, Lew Stern, Andrew Stevenson, Ian Smith, R. Ragan, Philip Lawson, Steve Goodale, Michael A Sanchez,  Jamie Harms, Ed Hines, Chico Schwall, Takayuki Yamada.